Picture by Sami Piskonen

Charivari Wines are made by winemaker Nea Berglund, who lives in Rions, Bordeaux. These wines are not necessarily the traditional Bordeaux blends, they might try out different methods and they are made with an experimental mindset. When it comes to Charivari wines, we play with the rules of the classic Bordeaux winemaking and question some of the traditions while cherishing others. The wines are made with a great respect towards nature and with minimal manipulation in the winemaking process.


“Charivari” -word means a loud celebration, a joyful festival and it has been practiced at least for over 700 years. It was originally a wedding custom in ancient France but later it became known as a serenade of rough music in the streets. People would be pounding on pots and pans, playing with kitchen instruments to make as much noise as they could. Our friends Mathilde & Louise came up with the name and according to these French sisters; Charivari is equivalent to "happy mess, happy party".
Charivari wines are cheerful and filled with joy, all in all the perfect ingredient for happy moments.