This page shows our different wines.


— L'AVENTUre nocturne 2015 —

This wine is made from 100% organic Merlot grapes. The grapes were hand-picked in September 2015 and naturally fermented in an open-top stainless steel vat. The free-flow wine was drained to 4 barrels. One of the barrels was new, the three others were 3-5 years-old. Malolactic fermentation took place in barrels and the wine was racked every 4 months. The wine had no clarification nor filtering and it was bottled in January 2017. Only 1100 bottles were made.

The wine has ripe fruit character with some earthy and spicy aromas. Great to combine with good dinners and long nights. The label is designed by Jenna Kunnas and it shows the biodiversity of the organic parcel where the wine comes from, and the magical adventure that takes place during the nights.

You can buy the wine to Finland from here and for international requests, please send an e-mail.


—  Vin AbandonNé  —

The wine is made from 100% organic Semillon, that was picked and pressed in September 2004. The fermentation took place in an oak barrel and it has since been maturing in our cellar for over 10 years. It has been racked once in 2016 and then bottled straight from the barrel with no additions. Only 245 bottles were made.

Vin Abandonné wine has aged for 150 months in a French oak barrel. It's beautifully oxidised and filled with flavours of almonds, nuts and raisins.
At its best when served as an digestif, with cheeses or with a classic French onion soup! 

PetNat kapea.jpg

—  Pét'Nat' 2016  —

In September 2016 we hand-picked about 50 cagettes of Chardonnay from a friendly neighbour's parcel. We pressed the bunches and fermented the juice in a small stainless steel tank with a cool temperature. The natural fermentation was slow and it was stopped with cooling at 23g/l of residual sugar. Then we let it to settle and stabilize in about 5 degrees Celsius for about a week before bottling it all by hand on a sunny October afternoon. The second fermentation took place in the bottles giving the wine its natural bubbles. Only 200 bottles were made.



—  Le Fruit Défendu 2016  —

This Chardonnay came from the same friendly neighbour's parcel here in Bordeaux, where we got the grapes for the Pét'Nat'. It was all pressed, settled and the two fermentations, both alcoholic and malolactic, took place in 2 Bourgogne barrels. The other one is a 2-year-old barrel and the other one 14-years-old. Now the wine has matured in those barrels for almost a year, while the lees were stirred continuously. The wine will be bottled in September 2017 without clarification or filtering.


—  "ORANGE"  —

100% Semillon. Destemmed and fermented in an open-top barrel with natural yeasts. Pigeage au pied. After 20 days at the end of fermentation, moved into a small stainless steel tank and matured on skins for 8 months. The wine will be bottled later in 2017 without clarification or filtering.